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Located between mountains and river, the City of Saint-Brigitte-de-Laval is a destination of choice for outdoor enthusiasts.
For Laval residents, the forest was first a commercial asset due to the strong growth of the pulp and paper industry. Then, the natural heritage of Saint-Brigitte was transformed into a playground for outdoor enthusiasts like you.

You will have the choice: discover Saint-Brigitte-de-Laval on land or by the river.



In summer as well as in winter, you will be able to discover the magnificent viewpoints of the city. Made up of several mountains and peaks, the municipality is home to many hiking and snowshoeing trails: the Montagnard, the Montagne à Deux Têtes, the Liaison trail, the Dunes trail, and many others. Each in its own way, these trails will help you discover the natural riches of Saint-Brigitte. At times, you will walk along the Montmorency River, and further on, you will explore the forest or admire panoramic views from a few kilometers above sea level. One thing is certain: you will be charmed every time!

Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval is also well known for its snowmobile trails. The snowy landscapes that the municipality offers will certainly make you appreciate the icy days of the Quebec winter: -30 is not so bad when it's worth it! In the summer season,
you can discover one of the most beautiful golf courses in the region. Put on your polo shirt, put your golf bag in the car and let's go for an 18-hole game!



Well-known to water sports enthusiasts, the Montmorency River is a favourite place for for canoeing, kayaking and rafting. In fact, three launching sites are accessible on the city's territory. If you are of a calmer nature, you can enjoy the river in a different way: the Amazon in Nature. This activity, offered by Panorac Territoire d'Évasion, will allow you to navigate on the river aboard "floating islands". Transported by the current, you will only have to
and enjoy the scenery!



The beauty of the panoramas offered by Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval attracts many visitors today. In order to ensure the long-term accessibility of the municipality's attractions, it is necessary that each adventurer who visits the various sites be aware of his or her impact: on the trails,
Bring back your banana peels, keep your dog on a leash (no matter how nice he is) and follow the marked paths. The flora on the trails should stay there: no matter how pretty it is, it was not designed for your centerpiece! Please note that many of the trails are on private land (thanks to the owners!). You will understand that your cooperation is essential: no respect of the instructions, no respect of the rules, no trails! Respecting the rules is a proof of gratitude to the thirty or so landowners who accept that outdoor enthusiasts cross their land: it is the least we can do!

Of course, we could not pass over in silence the implication of these people of action who make possible the maintenance and the perpetuity of the trails of Saint-Brigitte: Mr. Alain Marcoux and Mr. Clément Bouchard, among others, as well as the members of the non-profit organization Action Sentiers Lavalois (ASL), to name a few.

Whether you want to take on the challenge of the Montmorency or prefer to put on your hiking shoes, Sainte-Brigitte is a designated destination for adventure.

Let's participate in the development and conservation of this territory, so that we can enjoy it for a long time to come!