About us

The Panorac Odyssey: From Nautical Adventure to Technological Revolution

Once upon a time, there was a small company called Panorac, nestled in the majestic landscapes of the Quebec City region. Their beginnings were modest, but their passion for nautical adventure was unwavering. They began by offering unique nautical activities: river descents, aquatic hikes and explorations of Quebec's rivers. Every wave, every current, every sliver of sunlight on the water was an invitation to marvel.

But Panorac didn't stop there. They realized that the world was much larger than the banks of their local rivers. They looked up to the starry skies and dreamed of new horizons. Thus was born the idea of Bsidemap, a mobile application dedicated to travel. The app would enable travelers to explore Canada, plan their itineraries, discover places of interest and manage the unexpected with ease.

Subsequently, the company created its famous travel guides: "My travel guide, planning and managed de unexpecting", which are veritable safety nets for intrepid adventurers.

But once again, Panorac has not rested on its laurels. They understood that their expertise could save lives. So they developed solutions for emergency services. Their 3D maps, powered by Unity technology, enabled first responders to visualize accident sites, plan emergency routes and coordinate their actions with precision.

Today, Panorac is much more than a company. It's a state of mind, a perpetual quest for exploration and innovation. Their employees are adventurers, their customers are explorers, and their partners are companions on the road to new horizons.

So, if you happen to come across a traveler with his or her phone in hand, planning his or her next journey with Bsidemap, know that somewhere, in the shadows, the Panorac team is smiling. Because they know that every adventure begins with a dream, and that every dream can change the world.